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Baijiayuan Hotel Chain

Meisong Road, Meijiang District, Meizhou 514011 China
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“It’s Christmas Day in the morning”, I sang as SWMBO and I climbed on to a coach at 7:30 and headed north-east to the town of MeiZhou, the next day we’ll continue to YongDing county in FuJian province. We’re on a ¥400 each two-night holiday with our local travel company. On these holidays you visit many places that aren’t on TA. Six hours later after a quick ‘comfort’ stop and then an hour for a Christmas lunch of chicken, potatoes, vegetables and baked rice. The food at the ‘motorway’ services is freshly cooked, rather good and cheap at around ¥30 for as much as you can eat. Then it was onto SongKou Village for an hour or so’s stroll. This is a wonderful old river-side village on the MeiJiang River. We admired the Chinese Immigrant (Emigrant would be more appropriate) Memorial Square where for three centuries thousands of workers departed to French territories. There’s an old customs house, and surprisingly a modern one but with no sign of recent activity. Down the quaint main street is the colonial style Hotel Tsung Kiang, a pity it’s closed as the atmosphere it exudes is amazing. One the landing opposite, the statues of the woman and child waving to the man with the suitcase is rather poignant. I wonder if a ¥20 ticket on the Memory of Song Jiang took him all the way to Shantou and a prosperous new life, you’ll have to visit to see the sign! Anyway, then it was back on the coach and another hour’s drive to Meizhou and the BaiJiaYuan (Interlock) Hotel for the night. The coach dropped us off about 100 metres from the door as parking is not permitted outside the hotel. All 55 of us, pulling or lugging cases then crocodiled up the motor-scooter lane as the pavement was packed with parked motor-scooters. MeiZhou like many Chinese towns is plagued by thousands of these noisy, smelly but essential contraptions each conveying at least two people. Booking in was chaotic but that’s expected with 20 odd rooms to be allocated and everybody wanting to be first, our guide and the desk staff both waved door cards and shouted names, so everybody was soon queuing for the single lift. SWMBO and I were on the eighth floor. SWMBO swiped the door key and opened the door, and surprise! There were no beds just a sofa. SWMBO wasn’t happy but being the adventurous sort, I went in and there was a bedroom, a huge bathroom and even a small kitchen off from what was the sitting room. Now, we felt we’d just won the lottery! We’d got a suite of rooms! Of course, SWMBO complained, as she always does. The room was far too noisy with the constant peeping of motor-scooters from the road far below. I told her not too look a gift horse in the mouth, and the noise would surely abate later after the rush-hour. Placated she began to check her WeiXin using the free WiFi. The rooms were all very nice and clean. One double bed and one large single bed but surprisingly no wardrobe but there were a few hangers on a hook on the wall behind the door. There were two cups and two glass in the sitting room along with the usual complimentary tea and a kettle, and the usual freebies in the bathroom. There were plenty of power-points scattered around. After refreshing cups of self-brought coffee and SWMBO had finished scribbling on WeiXin we decided to hit the town and partake of Christmas dinner. There’s no dining room in the hotel. From the hotel we turned left and came to the south gate of JiaYing University, obviously there’s plenty of student eateries but eventually we came to a nice-looking upmarket place (it had table cloths) but it was empty, not a good sign. However, it was the place where everybody the next morning else ate a hearty breakfast of noodles, vegetables, eggs and zhou (rice porridge) while I munched a baozi (steamed bun). Breakfasts were included in the holiday’s price and our travelling companions were intent on getting their money’s worth. I wasn’t hungry because for Christmas dinner I’d indulged on honey-roasted pork, vegetables and rice, washed down with a can of beer the night before at one of the better student eateries. SWMBO managed a hearty breakfast even though she’s cleared a bowl of Chinese sausage, vegetables and rice for her Christmas dinner. At ¥37 for the pair of us, you can’t say we don’t push the boat out on special occasions. I’ve jumped ahead a night! We went back to the hotel and sure enough the room was quiet, and we slept like logs. There was instant hot water for showers in the morning. At 7 o’clock an already bustling MeiZhou saw a coach load of travellers one again dragging and lugging cases along the scooter-way to the restaurant for breakfast, where amazingly the coach was parked. At eight o’clock we were off to visit the Temple of a Thousand Buddhas (TA reviewed), followed by the PanKeng Scenic Resort (TA reviewed) and finally the Co-op for a session of retail therapy before heading north-west for two hours to YongDing and a night at the Hakka (International) Hot Spring Resort (TA reviewed).
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Welke populaire attracties liggen er in de buurt van Baijiayuan Hotel Chain?
Attracties in de buurt zijn Hakka Museum of China (1,5 mijl), Thousand Buddhas Tower (2,6 mijl) en Hakka Park (1,2 mijl).
Welke eet- en drinkopties zijn beschikbaar bij Baijiayuan Hotel Chain?
Gasten kunnen genieten van restaurant tijdens hun verblijf.
Welke restaurants liggen er in de buurt van Baijiayuan Hotel Chain?
Restaurants met een gunstige locatie zijn JinYuan Restaurant, Yue Du Coffee en AiQinHai Coffee.
Zijn er historische locaties in de buurt van Baijiayuan Hotel Chain?
Veel reizigers bezoeken Meizhou Renjinglu Scenic Resort (1,2) en Former Residence of Huang Zunxian (1,2 mijl).