Shoshone Geyser Basin

Shoshone Geyser Basin Beoordelingen, Yellowstone National Park

Shoshone Geyser Basin
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Ashland, OH505 bijdragen
sep. 2021
Hmmm. Looks like I was the last one to write a review about this place. . . a couple years ago! This time I decided to take my own advice and camped in one of the backcountry campsites in the area with a permit -- 8R5 is fabulous if you can get it!

The geyser basin itself was a fascinating area to visit again; this time I was able to take a little more time and see a couple more features that I missed on the first go. The thermal areas are one of the main things that keep me coming back to Yellowstone so getting to see them in such a pristine setting never gets old to me. In fact even though I was there less than a week ago I'd be willing to make a return trip again!

The official trail closely skirts a number of bubbling springs, steaming vents, and splashing craters. Minute Man Geyser is a very consistent and active performer if you can catch it in its active phase. Don't expect to see geysers of the same grandeur as you would in the Upper Geyser Basin, but don't expect to see the boardwalks, development, and people that you see there as well.

I'll try to attach a number of pictures with my review to give the reader a glimpse of what exists in this backcountry basin.
Geschreven op 26 september 2021
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Ashland, OH505 bijdragen
sep. 2019
I made a solo hike to the Shoshone Geyser Basin in mid September 2019. Round trip is roughly 20 miles but at least the elevation change was minimal. Make sure to leave early and know your hiking distance/ability before departing.

First couple of miles follow an abandoned road along the Firehole River. The road leads you to Lonestar Geyser -- a destination worth seeing by itself. Beyond Lonestar the next mile or two switched between woods and views of open meadows. Several small hot springs/thermal features are not far from the trail. Backcountry campsites are located along the trail for overnighters.

Soon you hike up into the woods for a couple miles and cross over the continental divide (unmarked). Not the most scenic part of the hike but some interesting rock formations surround you -- perfect place for a mountain lion to hide but luckily none were out on my day. :) Eventually you pass the junction with the Bechler River Trail and not long after pop out of the woods to follow the rather pleasant scenery of Shoshone Creek. Several creek crossings are involved (a couple bridged but the last involved balancing your way across a log) but soon you emerge from some trees to see the geyser basin in all its glory.

I had the geyser basin to myself for several hours before I encountered another hiker. The experience of walking thru one of Yellowstone's thermal areas without boardwalks, signs, and crowds was well worth the ten mile effort. I felt like I could be looking at the area the same way Native Americans or early explorers had seen it. Shoshone Creek resembled a miniature version of the Firehole River in the Upper Geyser Basin.

Many springs were steaming, bubbling, and boiling. The three cones of dormant Union geyser looked to have been quiet for quite some time. Minute Man Geyser was the most lively and active feature near the trail. It would erupt nearly every minute for 15-20 seconds as its name implies. I took so many photographs. . . next time I'd like to hike in and camp at one of the nearby backcountry sites to be able to spend more time in the basin.

Before hiking back ot the trail head I took the short spur trail over to Shoshone Lake and dipped my feet in the water for a bit (highly recommend). The lake itself is another jewel of the Yellowstone Backcountry. The ten mile hike back only seemed slightly longer than the hike out. . . but as a bonus I arrived in time to watch Lonestar Geyser erupt and had the show all to myself.

The major geysers of the Upper Geyser Basin are wonderful but visiting the remoteness of the Shoshone Geyser Basin has been one of my most favorite Yellowstone experiences to date.
Geschreven op 11 november 2019
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Bayonne, NJ125 bijdragen
sep. 2016 • Vrienden
The unexpected snowshowers were the perfect start of our Yellowstone experience. As we climbed to Sylvan pass the snow came swirling down and it was truly delightful.
Geschreven op 24 mei 2017
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jesse o
Jackson, WY6.604 bijdragen
okt. 2016 • Alleen
By my count there are 12 geyser basins in Yellowstone (that's not counting monument basin and sylvan springs as part of gibbon.) this was the final one I've seen as it's kind of out of the way. It's funny, Like last reviewer, i also was alone in mid-October last year! But I only saw four people all day. Sadly, nothing big erupted while I was there but I was grateful to be able to see a wildly beautiful corner of the park that is so accessible but requiring a certain price of admission: dedicating time and effort. My gps navigator shut down from cold that day but I estimate it was 10.5 miles from Howard Eaton. The review below is correct, it is shorter and you miss out on a hill if you hike from Kepler cascade/lone star geyser Trailhead. Lodging at old faithful inn, however, it was convenient for me to just go across to howard eaton. The terrain is unknown to the casual Ynp visitor. It is delightful. Please be certain to pack the ten backcountry essentials and to follow bear country rules. Sitting alongside a gurgling portal to an otherworldly realm, contemplating one of the priceless, most special places on earth is tonic for the soul. It is a landscape to celebrate.
Geschreven op 25 maart 2017
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Cul de Sac, St. Maarten-St. Martin131 bijdragen
okt. 2016 • Alleen
I did this hike this morning in mid-october, alone. Awesome fall colors. I started at 8:00am and get on Lonestar at 8:45. I got lucky cause the geyser started erupting when I got there. The next part of the hike is pleasant, going through meadows. Next part is the worst part of the hike : you walk in forest and climb the pass. You have zero view and you can encouter a bear any time. I saw fresh footprints. The last part : the trail follows a river so it's quite pleasant. I arrived at shoshone basin around 11:30 am. Wild and untouched landscape. Tons of geysers everywhere!!! I was back to my car at about 2:50pm. I only saw less than 10 ppl from trailhead to the end. So if you like geysers, hiking and get away from crowds, take this hike ;-) Total of mileages : around 22-23miles for the day but well worth it!
Geschreven op 10 oktober 2016
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Steve H
Suttons Bay, MI21 bijdragen
aug. 2012 • Gezinnen
We did the Shoshone Geyser Basin as a day hike from our campsite in Grant Village. It was spectacular and our biggest regret is that we didn't leave earlier in the day.

We made the mistake of parking at the trailhead at Harold Eaton close to Old Faithful. It would have been better to park up the hill at the Falls trailhead and hike the Lone Star trail in. The Eaton trail meets up with the Lone Star trail, the difference is that there is a big up and down with elevation on the Eaton. We sure didn't appreciate that until we did it. It was hot, dry, dusty and tiring. Little did we know that the Lone Star trail is mostly PAVED! and that it is a bike trail too. Live and learn.

The hike itself is very pretty and follows along a stream or river most of the time. Of course the best part is the geyser basin. It is so cool to be out in the woods and right along the trail will be a little bubbling hot spring. No signs. No markers. No boardwalk. Just a bunch of sweet little steaming hot spirngs and geysers to check out. When we got all the way back to the basin itself there are all kinds of awesome geysers and hotsprings to check out. I wish I would have camped back in there so I had a day to look around. I actually caught a beautiful brown trout right were one of the springs was flowing into the river - gobs of fish.

Like I mentioned the mistake we made was that we left at lunch time so we were pushing dark by the time we got back. We hiked to the lone star trailhead and then I hitched a ride to the parking lot where we left out truck (about a mile away). I had to hitch instead of hiking because there was a Grizzly bear in the road! Yikes - bring bear spray. It was a long hike so don't go if you aren't up for it. It was 19 miles round trip and pushed the limits of our youngest (12), but it was still a great memory. You'll love it!
Geschreven op 13 augustus 2012
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