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Robbeneiland en de Tafelberg aangeboden door Andy`s tours and shuttles

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Deze tour omvat 3 van de grootste toeristische attracties die door niemand minder dan die onverschrokken zeeman Sir Francis Drake worden genoemd, de mooiste Kaap ter wereld.
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City Lodge Hotel Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Dock Rd &, Alfred St, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Cape Town, 8012, South Africa
9–11 uur
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  • Alle toegangsprijzen, boottocht naar Robbeneiland en shuttles
  • Entree/toegang - Table Mountain
  • Entree/toegang - Robben Island Museum
  • Entree/toegang - Chavonnes Battery Museum
  • Entree/toegang - Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
  • Lunch en alle dranken behalve flessenwater
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aglang heeft een beoordeling geschreven jan. 2020
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania68 bijdragen20 nuttige stemmen
Mijn man en ik boekten een tweedaagse privétour met Andy. We wilden alles zien wat we konden zien, dus maakte Andy een reisschema. De eerste dag kwam Marlene ons ophalen bij ons hotel. Het was geen erg leuke dag en we zouden naar de Kaap gaan. We reden erheen, maar het was zo
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Datum van activiteit: januari 2020
Lovestock heeft een beoordeling geschreven jan. 2020
Detroit, Michigan3 bijdragen
Ik betaalde ongeveer R 5400 voor een tour van 4 locaties. We hebben er een gezien. Ons geld werd genomen, ondanks de kleine kans om Robbeneiland-tickets te krijgen. We wisten niet hoe klein de kans was om kaartjes te krijgen voordat we betaalden. De tour had onze 2 slots
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Datum van activiteit: januari 2020
Antwoord van Trip32896498521, Owner bij Robbeneiland en de Tafelberg
Gereageerd op 12 jan. 2020
Upon our departure from the Protea Hotel in Mowbray, client Mrs. Francis Stockard had informed me that Robbin Isand tickets were sold out. I informed her that I was well aware of this matter because my office manager Caroline Floris had requested Mrs. Stockard`s Passport or Identity details the night before to enable us to purchase the tickets for Robben Island via the internet as you have to have identification to purchase the tickets, however Mrs. Stockard refused to submit her identity details and so we agreed to meet her and collect her and her husband at 06h30 the next morning especially to try and purchase few cash tickets available when the doors opened. This is not standard procedure but we were willing to try and resolve the situation. I then especially work up at 04h00 to be in Cape Town by 06h00. We were the first at the door and the sign said they open at 7.30, while I stood in the queue the clients went to buy themselves coffee while I waited at the door. When the doors opened just after 7am the clients had not arrived but I proceeded to the ticket desk only to be informed that there were no tickets available for the current day but there was for the next day at 8am. I asked the ticket lady to hold on to those tickets till I have spoken to my clients. My client was not interested at all. I informed her that we could walk around the waterfront till Chavonnes Battery Museum opened. She said that they had enough of the waterfront as they were there the night before, our ever the Chavonnes Battery Museum is part of the tour advertised but Mrs. Stockard was not interested. She asked about Table Mountain and I informed her that I was waiting on our office to see if it was open as it was completely covered under clouds and the visibility would not be clear. I informed her that chances were that it would clear up as the day progressed and we have both purchased and booked the tickets so there are no issues. She insisted on going back to the hotel to have breakfast, This I did. On our drive back I asked what other activities would interest her. She told me that she wanted to interact with the locals. I informed her that I was not able to take her to the township as I could not guarantee their or my safety. I clearly noted her disappointment on her face. She then informed me she did not want to be in the city but wanted history guide tours. (We have added as a addendum a news bulletin regarding a armed robbery of 5 tourists the same day as Mrs. Stockard`s Tour in a township called Khayelitsha.) During their breakfast I informed her that we could do The Castle, District Six, Firing of the Noon Gun @ 12h00, the Slave Lodge, Jewish Halocaust Museum, Bo Kaap and Table Mountain. I also informed her that the 1st guided tour at The Castle was at 9.30 am. By this time I was able to inform them that Table Mountain was open but there was zero visibility at the present moment. We agreed to start at The Castle. As we were early in town I drove slowly past the Cape Town City Hall towards Adderly Street and the older buildings. Mrs. Stockard insisted I stopped at the marble pillars behind the slave lodge and climbed out to walk around them. I remained in the car as I was illegal parked but had view of them at all times. They spoke to a local which informed them that the slave lodge might be open. Mrs. Stockard insisted on going into the Slave Lodge immediately. I informed her that the slave lodge was on the agenda but later that day but she insisted that she wanted to go there then, thereby throwing the whole tour upside down, I phoned my office a number of times relating Mrs. Stockard`s behavior and her total disregard for the itinerary that we had offered her, my office contacted Andy Bothma the owner of Andys Tours and Shuttle Services who was currently on a Tour of San Bona Private Game Reserve, my boss Andy Bothma then recommended that if Mrs. Stockard did not want to follow the suggested tour and itinerary we must allow her to do whatever she wanted to do and just go with the flow. I then drove passed The Slave Lodge and found they were open. I managed to find parking and parked and proceeded to the slave lodge. We were there till 11am, she was on her own agenda, while in the Slave Lodge she wept uncontrollably so I allowed her to do as she wanted to and she seemed to finally be impressed but I constantly kept in contact with my office who kept me posted with regard to conditions on the mountain. We then made our way to the District Six Museum only to be informed that the next guided tour was at midday not at 11:30 am. I asked if they would be interested in listening to a guided tour but Mrs. Stockard declined, I then suggested to Mrs. Stockard that we could go and watch the firing of the Noon Gun on Signal Hill at 12h00, once again she declined and indicated we should make our way up to towards Table Mountain. I again telephoned my office with regard to Mrs. Stockards behavior asking advice as I did not know what to do anymore, upon which my office again instructed me to just allow the client to do as she pleases. When we arrived at Table Mountain it was open and there were no queues. Once on top I tried to guide her towards the left and she clearly made her way to the right. Her husband called her but she continued towards the right hand side of the mountain. We followed and allowed her to take the second longest walk till she came to the Maclear's Beacon path. Once again she over ruled her husband and insisted to take the Maclear's Beacon path without proper hiking gear. Her husband told me that I could stay but I was not going to let them walk on their own as our company rules are to accompany the client at all times especially on the mountain so I went along. She finally seemed to be in her happy place often stopping to sit and enjoy the view. I knew then that we might not make the rest of the previous options. They were on their own time and agenda nothing I did would move her on. We arrived at the cable station around 15:20 where we had a toilet stop and brought a few snacks. It took a long while to get down as there was a queue down and there is nothing we could do about that. Mrs. Stockard then informed me that she was hungry and wanted to eat immediately. I informed her that there was a restaurant on top but she wanted to go to the Portuguese restaurant I had mentioned earlier (Caramba in sea point). This was brought up as we were discussing my back ground. I told her that we might not be able to do the other activities; she pulled a face and said she wanted to eat. On the way down she wanted to go to Signal Hill which I did as I was in the area. They walked around for about 20 to 30 minutes. We then made our way to the Caramba restaurant in Sea Point. We arrived at around 17h00 at the Caramba Restaurant in Sea Point, the manager informed me that they were fully booked, but they could sit outside to which she pulled a face again. I informed him that they would be out before 19h00 as I need to make my way back by 18h30. He agreed to seat them and serve them, I waited in the car. Mr. Stockard came back to the car and informed me that they had finished their meal and was the meal included in the tour price quoted to which I replied that lunch and suppers are never included in the tour price quoted. He seemed ok with that. When they arrived back and climbed into the car I asked about the meal to which they said that they enjoyed it very much. "So to the hotel we go" I said and she said "no I would like to be dropped off at the waterfront", (the beginning of the day she had enough of the waterfront). I said ok and changed my Google map for the easier route to which she once again changed her mind to return to the hotel. Her husband asked her if she was sure about this and she said yes. At the hotel they both thanked me for a pleasant day and gave me a goodbye hug. End of day Yes, I agree the day started on a rocky note as we could not get tickets for Robben Island, unfortunately at the peak of the high season and with only 24 hours notice it is always going to be a challenge to get tickets, our office tried to secure tickets for Robben Island the night before and Mrs. Stockard refused to give us any identity information, I then at my own time drove through to Cape Town from Gordons Bay especially earlier to try and get tickets for Mrs. Stockard, however if Mrs. Stockard was only more willing to work with us instead of doing her own thing, things could have be so different, she was very strong willed even towards her husband. Yet at the end of the day I felt she was satisfied. Yes, it was a pity we did not get to do The Castle, District Six Museum, Firing of the Noon Gun @ 12h00, Jewish Halaocaust Museum, Bo Kaap. As I tour guide I try and follow the itinerary that my office provides me but when clients do not follow the program and take cognizance of time and programs then it is more than a challenge but a uphill battle from start to finish. Mrs. Stockard could have interacted with the locals in the Bo Kaap as she was hell bent on interacting with the locals and going into the Township which my company would not allow under any circumstances for reasons provided. This was of no fault of mine; I tried my utmost best to satisfy her. PLEASE FIND ADDENDUM REGARDING ARMED ROBBERY IN TOWNSHIP SA Police. (Duncan Alfreds, News24) 11th January 2020 A 72-hour activation plan is in place to track down five men who robbed 11 tourists at gunpoint in Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Western Cape police spokesperson Brigadier Novela Potelwa, said the group of tourists had been visiting a Khayelitsha gardening project in Site C on Friday. The tourists, understood to be from the United States, were accompanied by a local tour guide. "Five armed men made their way into the premises of a school where [the tourists] were. The suspects, wearing reflector jackets, ordered the group into a vehicle and robbed them," said Potelwa. The men made off with cameras, cellphones and wallets. No one was injured. "Khayelitsha detectives later visited the group at their hotel and took statements. Counselling services were offered." Anyone who has information that can assist police in the investigation can contact Crime Stop on 08600 10111. In closing we regret Mrs. Stockard had a less then expected satisfactory tour and am more than willing to refund the cost of Robben Island Tickets and the the Chavonnes Battery Museum Tickets even though Mrs. Stockard did not want to go there, a normal tour lasts around 8 and a half hours and we spent over 12 hours with Mrs. Stockards tour - Kind regards Andy ( Owner of Andys Tours and Shuttles )
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Oscar M heeft een beoordeling geschreven jan. 2020
3 bijdragen
Andy deed zijn uiterste best om onze tour onvergetelijk te maken met buitengewone maatregelen. Ik raad hem ten zeerste aan voor deze tour.
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Datum van activiteit: januari 2020
Antwoord van Trip32896498521, Owner bij Robbeneiland en de Tafelberg
Gereageerd op 6 jan. 2020
To Oscar and Rachael, thank you for the positive reviews , you are so kind, I enjoyed every minute spent with you two folks and wish you not only a great and successful new year but that we might see you folks in Cape Town once again - kind regards Andy
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Maria M heeft een beoordeling geschreven dec. 2019
7 bijdragen
Serieus, ik kan niet genoeg goede dingen zeggen over deze tour! Het was geweldig! Onze gids was niet alleen deskundig, maar zo lief en aardig! Hij paste de reis letterlijk zo perfect aan en liet ons zelfs een paar dingen toevoegen. Zo geweldig Ik beveel deze gids ten zeerste aan
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Datum van activiteit: december 2019
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  • Table Mountain, Robben Island Museum, en nog 2 andere
  • Duur: 9–11 uur
  • Mobiel ticket wordt geaccepteerd
  • Onmiddellijk bevestiging
  • Ophalen bij hotel
  • Beschikbare talen: Engels
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